Vinkle is a video editor app brought to you by Big Head Brothers which has also created Dupa Videos. As you know there are so many video editor apps out there (check: Apps like Vinkle music video editor - similar or alternatives) in the play store, however, what makes Vinkle unique is the sheer number of features available. Vinkle has lot of templates, music effects, visually pleasing modifications etc. Also, it is easy to us which makes it stand out amongst the crowd.

Vinkle stealing edits allegation:

Recently, there has been an allegation that Vinkle might be stealing edits made by other creators. Although this is yet to be proved, however, the rumours is making rounds. One such petition has been raised on wherein the petitioner is alleging that the owners of Vinkle did not make the app for normal editing videos requirements such as YouTube clips, however, it was made for Instagram editors. Further, the petition goes on to say that Vinkle is just a collection of presets which was created by Real editing softwares and it simply lets users to use those presets in order to make a skilled video. This in a way is a mockery of the editors who have put in their effort in order to create those edits. In short, it is alleged that vinkle steals edits from people who really work hard.

Now, it is said that Youtubers do not need Vinkle because there is no use of features like cube rotate or split transitions. This app was made to individually target Instagram editors. But what we do not know is whether Vinkle app creators are really doing this or they have paid the real editors for their work. 

There are many videos which are available on Youtube where users have explained how Vinkle is stealing their edits. You can watch them to understand more. Do check out the comments in the YouTube video to understand what other people are saying about this. Please note that is just compiling the information already existing in the internet and not making any indepemdent assessment or judgment about Vinkle video editor app.

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