As you already know, Vinkle is an awesome video editor app that lets you edit videos and post it on social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Also, with cool templates and music effects you can create stunning videos in seconds and make you a professional video maker. If you have not already read the earlier articles on Vinkle, then please do read the same before I take you how to download free Vinkle premium and remove watermark from your videos:

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How to Unlock Vinkle for free on Android and iOS:

There is a nice tutorial made by one of the user which is available on YouTube, with this you will be successfully be able to download Vinkle premium APK without any jailbreak or root access. You will surely be able to access all the features that has made Vinkle popular and what it is today.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to apktweaker(dot)net
  • Find the link for Unlock Vinkle++ premium on Android and iOS. You will have to scroll down a little for the same
  • Download the same. It will ask you to download couple of apps. This is just to support the work being done by the developer
  • Once you download you can start using Vinkle all premium features for free without any modifications or payment required
  • Watch the following YouTube tutorial to find out more. Android app