Recently, it launched a product designed by a select group of online marketing professionals. This is based, the process of creating websites like "ecommerce" (commerce).

A couple of years ago, in 2008 to be precise, Dave Hermansen and his brother Mike started a business that has created millions of dollars in no time. It's not really a new model. It could be said to have reused a system that has made many rich people has for centuries: The real estate (Real estate).

In fact, this is called virtual real estate (VRE, Virtual Real Estate). It is simply to buy a property for an extremely low price with the objective of adding value to repair it then sell it at a much higher price.

In the case of Dave and Mike, who incidentally, were interviewed by New York Times and Fox Business News in 2008, bought, but a poorly designed site with a domain name that met the requirements of value that they know to look. (A page rank "Page Rank PR" over 3 and sufficient "Backlinks or inbound links). They bought it for USD $ 1,800 which is a good price for these sites, and then to repair and create a proper marketing campaign to get enough traffic to make it productive, sold for USD $ 173,000. In other words, their profit margin was USD $ 171,200. Not bad for a start.

Now, having created many sites with the same system, have taught others to create this type of business several months primarily as a way of thanks for his good fortune. Perhaps one of the factors on which they were a little loose, was the part of marketing. Part of his system, which is summarized below, including the research of potential market niches and keywords associated among other things.

They followed several steps using free and paid tools like Google to obtain data or business intelligence to decide which would be profitable niche raid while the statistics of interest to the target audience. In other words, what are the numbers for a keyword search. Example: Keyword "Birds Cage", Data = 450.000 searched the past month.

A couple of other online marketing professionals who have created some of the most efficient systems today, Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey is a newly bundled with Dave and Mike Hermansen.

They also worked on a similar system the last two years and have developed software tools that automate all processes of market research giving truthful information almost instantaneously. Its systems are also based on the same sources but perform all the steps in programmatic way to releasing a final report by filtering only those data that are needed.

Many of these products have been created using Adobe Air technology. Also, online resources, are created with technologies of ASP and PHP type but are of unparalleled quality.

The team created by joining these two groups is one of the most famous on the Internet and although at present focus on English language market, has been working behind the scenes to offer versions in Spanish, German and French. As it has done that within its changes, has included videos in these languages that also promote their products interface.

System Hermansen and his brother Dave is very simple:

  • Choosing a niche with potential. This means you have enough recent searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing so as to make them interesting.
  • Choose a domain name exists. They called it "Aged" which means old. This domain must have a good ranking on Google for easy positioning, but not only seek this, as mentioned above, but also requires that sufficient links in multiple sites, aimed in his direction. To choose a name and begin your search, they must first know what keywords are used by the target audience more often, to hit upon the target. For example, if the chosen niche is "bird cages" keyword could be "Cages For Sale" and the domain could be This would facilitate the task of positioning and all the other steps. (See this free tool
  • Create an e-commerce store type Oscommerce, Zencart etc, to which have special software that meets several requirements for SEO, as the URLs that are friendly. In other words, the URL does not say /? Id = s25587 & shop = sd47554 if not read, / cages-for-Canaries, will be more visible to both search engines and users that can relate together the title of the page with its URL and content in general.
  • To promote the store and make it productive generating sales and increasing your rank on Google by SEO and SEM techniques.
  • Once the store is sufficiently productive to make an estimate of potential revenue per month or per year inclusive, be placed on sale in places like Sitepoint, which has changed where you can see that the sites are sold to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This model is simpler to implement than it seems. Perhaps the greatest technical difficulty has been in the past, the installation of ecommerce software and settings of the safety certificate SSL type but with the new package offered by the merger Dave -Mike-Tim Stevenson includes a considerable amount of short videos and PDFs explaining every detail. In a few days each requirement can be mastered easily.

If someone wants to start her own business and not much money to invest, this is the ideal system. The package cost is ridiculous for what it includes. Only SEO tools, SEM, to search for niches, keywords, and even software to find the number and exact URLs competing pages are worth thousands of dollars and are all included in the pack.

Most important is the support that this team has. Within 24 hours, please reply to any questions or much sooner if you use the excellent forum formed by the customers happy and active users of all systems. Android app