Email marketing can be a highly effective tool in getting sales and traffic. For too long, the email marketing was despised by the companies 'serious' online promotion. But the reality is that, well spent, is a very effective way to bring more visitors and more sales.

The first is the list of recipients. Do not fall in those databases purchased. Doing so implies the negation of the ultimate purpose of email marketing, which is loyalty to users, among other things. So with time, you can amass a good list of contacts, not only have many more chances to be active, but will largely be the heart of their target. Its database is yours, consider it an asset of your business. Collecting these data is time consuming, so do not jeopardize spamming, marketer or communications without relevance.

The goal of email marketing is obviously selling. But if you think that simply calls to actions like "Buy our product, is a real bargain" will have any chance of success, think again. The trick here is to first to get later. Thus, orders as "Read our articles" can be easily changed to "Know the secret of our success," or "Discover the advantages of XX, and achieves a significant advantage over your competition." Offers a distinct advantage concrete and very real, is the best way to persuade users to follow our calls to action.

Do not spam. There are certain keywords that will trigger immediately the spam filter for email clients: free, click, click already purchased.

Consider your mails as a real added value, on the basis that in reality, the recipients of these really are getting something of value. They are not doing please click on the link. You offer them something that will really make a difference in their lives, or at least in their thinking.

Create a landing page for the occasion. No clicks to route to home, is the most direct way to lose a sale. Make your landing page is visually and stylistically similar to your own address. It must also respect the look and feel of your site in order to maintain consistency.

Do not send emails often. Like fine wine, save it for special occasions. Advertise your delivery from the social networks, Twitter for example. Give them the importance they deserve, so do not end up hopelessly in the trash.

Well spent, the email marketing is a way to create brand retention and provide an added value that its users will surely appreciate. Android app