Many people have Web sites. But this does not mean they are all business. What I mean? Many of these sites (99%) do not generate income, are almost invisible to search engines because they do not generate traffic therefore do not achieve a ranking within the top 3%. 

When someone surfs the internet is because you are looking for information, is seeking solutions to their concerns / problems. The key is that the website must provide quality information according to the parameters of the search engines. If your site is found and is attractive to the visitor, then you have customers / consumers.

Then the base is to create a website with compelling content to visitors that also meets the criteria of search engines. The site has to generate traffic that can translate into revenue. This is where the website becomes a successful business: When you generate revenue in several ways.

A site or a blog is not a business. Anyone can do it quickly, but that does not mean it's successful. That requires certain tools to generate site traffic and be monetized (generate income).

If you are interested in having a successful business on the internet you need experience not only a matter of following some steps and putting your knowledge, such a business:

  1. Based at home.
  2. With information on Algonquin hobby / interest / passion.
  3. To sell items.
  4. To provide services.
  5. Travel agency.
  6. Affiliates.
  7. Electronic commerce.
  8. Sales Agents.
  9. Referrals.
  10. Multilevel.
  11. Web page design.
  12. Local Businesses.
  13. Etc.

In this way any business ideas you have the can become a successful business, which depends only you and you become a business person, who owns a small business online.

To make the business succeed online, your site must be sought and found by new customers. And this number will increase as your site gains reputation and relevance for search engines. Whatever your niche or type of business you should follow 4 steps to generate revenue:

  • Create high quality content. Plasma your knowledge of relevant content. People look for information, solutions, not you.
  • Your content should Rankear high in the search engines for free to attract visitors interested in your topic. This is called Traffic.
  • Develops trust and credibility by delivering relevant information, original to these motivated pre-customers.
  • Monetize these visitors eager to shop in different ways: adsense, affiliates, sell products / services, referrals, etc.. Android app