If we talk of seriousness in Business Online, first of all we must be consistent with those who say and do. Your credibility is above everything. The confidence building is important so that people will choose you and not your competition, when having to negotiate.

There are several things that build trust in our target audience. In this section we focus on one, as my way of seeing things, if not the major, is one of the most important.

Remember, we're talking about Network Marketing or Internet Business and to be strictly a business is necessary to give it an identity. Imagine that I am speaking, if wise, is vital to have your own domain name, this is the face of your business, is how people will identify you and through you do on your promotion.

Imagine that you are starting a business in the real world and you know that you are selling. Now you have to think of a name for your business and do not think they're going to choose to think.

I think long and be difficult to decide because you know it is important for your brand to penetrate the market.

The same is true when choosing your domain name because it is the gateway for surfers to your business.

Some tips for choosing a good domain name:

1. Analyze your market and competition.

2. Take your time. (Do not take it lightly)

3. Make a brainstorm. (Write at least 15 domain names before choosing the right choice)

4. Make it easy to remember. (That is sticky).

5. That is related to the theme of your website.

Having your own domain name has certain advantages:

1. First of all, you are master of your domain and that gives you security and backup data.

2. You can publish and promote what you want, without restrictions.

3. It gives you exclusivity and professionalism.

4. Build trust and credibility. (The first impression is never forgotten)

5. You can change your domain name to another hosting service if you wish or you are forced to do so.

Just to mention some, I'm sure there are many more. If you are interested in having a real presence on the Internet and trace, there is no choice, you must purchase your domain name.

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