If you went to live in America, is trying to buy things in Australian dollars or sell your items gaining in bolivar? So, why try to sell to Germany, Arabia, France and Japan by showing your website in other languages? 

According to Forrester Research, 2009, over 80% of consumers expect to be cared for in their own language in their business transactions, so if we have a business online, this suspicion is increased greatly on the internet, and in itself a environment that makes users suspicious, so it will be even more if your website is not in the language of your potential customer.

Moreover, the same survey revealed that 70% figure of those who argued that they would feel safer and perform a purchase at that site or that brand if they were in their language several key parts of the web: technical assistance, FAQs (FAQs), in addition to after-sales care.

Not you decide to translate your brochures, your products or your website?

We will try to give you more data to let you translate your product into other languages, for example, that more than half of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if the instructions, warranty and are similar in their own language . Or that three of every four large firms claim that the translation of their products, their instruction books, your website or brochures to market their other languages is important or very important for their expansion and also for improvement results worldwide.

The consumer, in your language

The final consumer, you're going to buy the product believes in more than 80% that would not arise even in fun purchase of products that had not translated the instructions or promotional brochures (or sheets of web product ) to your language.

And the Chinese and the Japanese in these markets that are so fashionable, are even more alarming statistics (especially if you're interested in entering these countries) and that only 7% of Chinese or 5% of Japanese people feel comfortable buying in a language not their own.

Translating software

Yes, software is one of the stars of buying products online, whether antivirus software downloads, social websites ... and four in five consumers would buy software more easily if this were translated into their language and one in six would not buy software that was never translated.

Translating your website

The website, that window that allows you to sell even when you are in your shop or your factory. But it is not gold that glitters, especially if you have not thought of translating the site: visitors to a website are more likely to buy if the content is in your own language (to be exact, the order of between three and four times more likely. And more than half of consumers will only shop at websites that are in your language

It is not only a matter of marketing, but also usability and SEO and Internet users spend twice as long on a website if it is in their language, which increases the probability of sale.

More facts, lest you be no doubt: If we reach 76% of the global public, the website should be translated into 10 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese and if we reach 88% of the most commercially active population connected to the Internet would have to translate your website in six languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French and Italian.

Translate, a need

Reaching your potential in-language customer service is a necessity in any business, in addition, thank you know you've bothered to make the effort to communicate in their language.

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