A question was born in my head one day: How to generate extra income? And in my quest to find the best answer I started looking and thought, "He who seeks finds." Let me platicarte as was my start in this new world.

Like many others, was looking for opportunities to generate extra income for my pocket and can be more relaxed at the end of each month. I gave myself the task of searching newspapers, magazines, books and internet. Any means of information to give me a guide to achieving my goal, more revenue.

Suddenly, when you surf the internet I realize that there are plenty of opportunities for income generation and also from the comfort of my home, no bosses or timetables and the ability to generate residual income.

There was so much information and different every day that I found was confusing, doubts haunted me and did not know which business opportunity could be the best for me.

No one that I remain fully investigate every opportunity and seek the opinion of others journey more than me. The experience of others helped me a lot and I still and will always help.

I learned that an Internet Business is not a hobby but a serious matter and as such required to cover a learning curve, learning new terms and techniques, learn tools to facilitate my work, communicating with people and constantly motivate me.

Then I had to enable me learn every day, step by step, little by little and understand that training is constant. I had organized, disciplined and get into his head that if I take this might be my gateway to the quality of life she so desires.

If you have the anxiety of starting a business on the internet let me give you the following tips:

1. Research different ways to earn money online. There are many ways to do it (blogs, advertising, digital files, multilevel affiliate programs, etc..), Learn about each of them to have a broader view when choose.

2. The way to advertise offline to online is different. Meet and learn to use the tools for marketing on the Internet (blogs, social networks, pay per click, marketing videos, autoresponders, e - mail marketing, etc.).

3. Learn every day something new and apply it.'s No use accumulating information if you do not give a use, please share.

4. Spend at least 2 hours. Like any business takes time from you, is constant and spends time on it.

5. Organize each day. If you're going to devote two hours daily plan it with specific activities, so you can be more productive.

Well, I hope that you find this information useful, but it is important that you put into practice because it will get more interesting.

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