I hope you read this because it is important that they understand the importance that is now being on the Internet and many of us do not take account of ignorance or just because we have the idea that the Internet is just another tool in our company and spent aloft all the benefits and solutions that can give us if we know the real potential we have in our hands.

Many of you already have a website personal or business, there is now a big mistake that many make and ultimately brings them no benefit and that big mistake is to place the company name or your personal name to your website and the reason is simple GOOGLE, as you know is the biggest search engine on the Internet there are handles 70% of Youtube searches alongside both the same company the rest is YAHOO, BING (MSN), ASK and other small more, these search engines are like the yellow pages that have information from around the world that handle a single algorithm to the results of searches of its customers are more accurate now because I tell you that they make a big mistake by placing the company name as a domain? It is very simple, many are searching for something general, for example if I live in the U.S. and want to buy wholesale Peruvian crafts since I do not know a company in I place particular Peruvian crafts, or Peruvian, or Peruvian Handcrafted jewelry, or wholesale handcrafted Peruvian, etc.. In the GOOGLE search box, nobody will put the name of your company because the vast majority living outside do not know, so if you sell your business Peruvian handicrafts will not appear on the results of those searches losing potential foreign customers interested in buying what you sell. 

I know several people who sell Peruvian jewelry and many of these people are named for their respective websites personal names and the reason is very simple they are artists and want to identify their websites with their jobs, I do not oppose that but if I'm going to search engines and places in the search box something related to Peruvian jewelry none of these people appear in search results and restrict their sales only in Peru and the people who know them.

Another of the key points to be found on search engines is consistent with the content and meta tag, meta tag keywords which represent your want your site listed on these keywords will not be visible to your visitors in your website by search engines but which take this information to position yourself according to your content, may not have to know this as do many send their web pages to web designers but it's good to know what I'm saying that when sending a make your website tell your designer you want to put as meta tags or keywords all those phrases or words that represent your business or words to be used by searching for what you sell to find you.

Another major limiting factor to be found in the search engines are web pages with flash and flash, I mean those websites nor more you enter you see everything in motion, look spectacular but war will not take any account and reason is the way to explain,

There are three important things you should know that your business is within the search engines and are:

"YOUR DOMAIN NAME: The name of your domain is that it is general and I mean generally and in the previous example if you sell jewelry Peruvian Peruvian handicrafts, or register the domain www.peruvianhandcrafted.com www.peruvianjewelry.com or www. artesaniaperuana.com etc. Now that does not mean you will not be able to also register your business name as a domain, sure you can, but you can have is 5 domains under a single website.

-CONTENT: Content is one of the important sources to appear in search engines, search engines every so often come to the web for new pages and new content and if your content is related to your domain and relates to your words Key'll have much more likely to be within the first 3 pages of any search that is related to the theme of your website, if you will work with flash then let me tell you that only your friends come to visit, no flash pages content and all photos and codes are limited to the search engines to find information and position your business so you will not be found in any search related to what you sell.

-Keyword (Metatag): Keywords should be related to what you sell and that relates to your domain and content of your website. The idea of the keywords is that when someone else in the world and writes the search bar of your keywords as your site will appear in the search, now that's no guarantee that you will be within the first 3 pages but may appear if you connect everything like I'm explaining.

The idea of being in search engines like GOOGLE is to appear within the first 3 pages of a search because the vast majority find what they want within three, now, so that search engines like Google will position itself in these pages in accordance with you are selling is not the name of your company as your employees and friends only know what they sell but they are looking for what you sell on the other side of the world do not know you so they will not put the name of your company in the Google search box, they placed in the Google search box for keywords related to your interest as I explained above.

I know most of you have sent to make your website a web designer but I want you to know that the web designer does not have the remotest idea of what the search engine rankings or as being within the first three pages of they worry a quest to make the website as you want and just his job, you can not say you have the best website to invest a lot of money to develop it but only those who know you're going to visit and end are losing potential customers elsewhere who are possibly looking for what you sell.

In the U.S. there are companies dedicated to the search engine rankings which I guess in Peru and other South American countries will at some point, things are changing and the trend now is to the internet, what I'm explaining in this small text is essential basic for you to start with the right foot, the amount of information I'd give you the end in more than 50 sheets and possibly could bore you but I hope this little information will help you if you have something which products you want to reach other parts of the world follow my recommendations that will help other people find them possibly generating sales in a more efficient way.

Today internet has evolved by leaps and bounds and most portals allow users to participate in many ways they are no longer those simple static pages today you can leave comments, upload videos, photos, etc.. What we call today the web2.0

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