The India Government has accepted SMS as official document for government transactions. The Mobile Seva scheme is helping people to use SMS as an official government document for making payments, registrations and several other things.

J Satyanarayana, secretary of Department of Eletronics and IT(DEITY) said that government is aiming to provide government services to people through moblie phones and tablets. He quoted "Like railways, we have to bring in a system wherein by showing transaction or SMS(e-mail), the proof is acceted as valid document."

According to this, if a person receives SMS from a particuar department about his proceedings, that itself would be valid proof of document. Joint Secretary of DEITY said that the department is ready with digital signature for mobile phones which government can use in messages that are to be sent to the citizens applying for a service such as Right to Informatio(RTI), Aadhar, health, education, directory serivces etc. He also added that an SMS can be shown instead of a paper receipt or a document.

He concluded by saying that the aim of government was to bring all applications to HTML5 standard which would make it compatible for all the mobile platforms.  It is said that already 830 departments from Centre, State and local authorities have shown interest to take part in this initiative. After success of pilot project, government is keen on bringing Mobile Seva into action in early quater of 2014. Android app