When the sundial left to see their difficulties, the flow of water clocks and sand were unglamorous, watches became very expensive machining and mechanical watches were in danger of becoming obsolete by advances in various technologies appeared in our history a breakthrough that would change our lives drastically and radical timers.

Know more about them.

Watches: automation of time.

The timer is as a mechanical clock or machine, except for its operation does not use rope or self-propelled, but a mechanism that uses the inertia of movement of the wearer and a counterbalance to its operation. That is, the timer functions while in operation. Being kept in the drawer, between 24 and 48 hours after removing it from the wrist of its user, the clock is "off" automatically, minimizing the consumption of resources and activity as a kind of self-preservation, just as if a clock-winding is not turning the knob.

While this is a novel invention, these timers have some difficulties and disadvantages in their use. In the first instance, after being stored in wanting to use it again, go back to reset. Also at times issues of accuracy, users of these watches that due to the exposure of devices to climate change and movement activities, rarely there may be some differences (in seconds) for the exact time. To put it another way: a hyperactive person "would give too much wind your automatic watch, so it could pass the time.

Operation of automatic watches.

The Rolex company was a pioneer (and certainly the most notorious) in creating watches with automatic movements of assembly, with the establishment of a rotor with 360 ° turning radius, in 1931. In this system, as well as his successors, there is a spring mechanism that is charged by the movement of the wearer, although its perpetual motion is due to the Swiss Perrelet who, around 1770, gave the device a semicircular mass without damping.

The modern and contemporary automatic watch for sale is the work of Englishman John Harwood who made the first mass production of these devices, popularized in the world. Subsequently, this type of watches including gold, rubies and platinum in its creation, providing an assessment of glamor and sophistication. But advances in technology allowed for adjustment at cheaper versions, suitable for many.

Currently there is a trend linking a dual technology: automatic watch and quartz watch. In these models, the motion of a rotor machine "feeds" to a generator that manages energy storage, allowing a reserve of up to 100 calendar days.

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