America's Cup Regatta.

America's Cup Regatta.

A race is a competitive sport of speed, or a race between boats . The term is used in competitions sailing , as in competitions rowing . 


Sailing races can be sailing or cruising sail . The sailing regattas are usually carried out on a journey marked by buoys or beacons , usually in the form of triangle , whose most common configuration is known as the Olympic triangle . In sailing cruise, besides the way marked routes, sailing in races from port to port. When the path crosses different seas, the race is called ocean race or transoceanic . 

Top Race
Copa America
Mini Transat 6.50
Volvo Ocean Race
Vendee Globe 
Audi MedCup


The rowing races are held on Tues open, estuaries , river channels , marshes , reservoirs or lakes . 

In Olympic rowing mode, the most common races are held on a race course located in a river, reservoir or lake. The official distance in international and national competitions under the FISA is 2000 meters. There are also rowing on other distances, such as 1000, 6000 meters or other distances.

These races typically face six rowing boats in the six streets in a race course bounded by buoys .

As for the races in rowing there are three types of races:

  • The "drops" which are usually in a river and serve as early season test.
  • The racing "timed", that as in other disciplines participants fighting the stopwatch and the winner will be the least time spent and
  • The racing in "batches" which are those that come up together 2, 3 or more vessels (usually 4) and at all times are in parallel. This mode is the most widespread in the sea of Biscay .

You can also make other types of classifications depending on whether the races are on the river, sea or both.

Top Race

One of the most famous rowing regatta there, rowing mobile banking, is confronting every year to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge on the River Thames ( United Kingdom ), the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race . Also in England there is the Henley Royal Regatta , which was held in Henley-on-Thames , and the Head of the River Race in London . 

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