Well, I took my last dose of 43mgs on Friday around 11am. I'm 2 days into my detox,  the 1st day wasn't so bad, I smoked a little bit of marijuana, that helps a lot, & took a couple klonapin but no clonodine(I only have 50 so I'm trying to conserve)..

Today I woke up and i was a bit more uncomfortable than yesterday, but I took a clonodine & a klonapin and smoked. I just feel lethargic, when I lay down, I cant get comfortable though, which is a bit unsettling, but its only the 2nd day so I know I'm in for a ride, my emotions are going crazy(except for when I smoke, then I'm okay for an hour or so) but I'm atleast able to sit up to write this, so I must be doing okay for today..

I will keep posting as much as I can, & if I skip a few days, I will update how i felt in those days..

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