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The press of today largely contradicts forecasts Zapatero Leire lead over Obama and the world together. The planetary alignment, which spoke months ago, was more in terms of 'pleasure principle' Freud that the 'reality principle' Freud also and also of the Spanish, Americans and several other affected by that leadership.

This phrase was perhaps the result of the pleasure he felt at the thought of Obama equated Zapatero in circumstances such as the helm of the EU, the Spanish, while the Hawaiian governing the destiny of much of U.S. and overseas. Too bad time for Union Zapatero no longer shine on its own, but rather tied to Rampuy bulbs and Barroso! And also sorry that Obama falls in popularity more than 50% in its first year of reign! What can you do? 

While dream of Leire, follows the day time with its inevitable 'reality principle'. Never mind that sleep by day and night work, or vice versa. In real time - that in which they swear or promise to the charges, it ages, is eaten or dies from starvation-no Santa Claus or the Three Kings or the tooth fairy or other similar seafaring Conas, unless they form part of any marketing or childish speech.

Between reality and desire to Leire, the conjunction Obama-Zapatero, far from being a planetary event, is now closer to the prayer breakfast, just war in Afghanistan, inadequate health care, the economy unsustainable without closing Guantanamo or plot to rebuild Haiti and settle in the Caribbean resort.

Clearly, Leire dreams than you think, or lies than speech, for that matter, is the same.

Are bad times for planetary leaders, and indeed, what has been de Rajoy that takes several days without getting on the covers? Android app