Why is Cuba  denigrated?

When the Cuban revolution triumphed; begin interventions, prohibitions, the quarrels, the shootings, atheism, and all this in the long run, brings the denigration of human beings, which gradually became a different being.

The education system suppresses important subjects such as moral and civic and other important classes, and introduces subjects such as Marxism and other schools.

Students are separated from their parents, because campuses are made in the field, leading teens to a form or way of living differently.

Teachers who dressed properly, decently, and were greatly respected, admired by children and adolescents, crack habits. Shortly after the Cuban revolution were teaching teachers, with slippers and hair in curlers, ill-clothed, shouting and saying vulgar words to students.

But the main thing was that schools fail to teach subjects, who taught respect for family, good social and moral behavior, subjects that were abolished by the regime.

Religions are pursued to implement the atheistic communism. No longer taught the commandments in schools, or parents drop their children go to church to avoid being branded as anti-revolutionary.

Scholarships are created and many young people leave to study outside their homes, where they are taught the family and household formation, which every individual needs. As many familiar patterns with different languages, some vulgar, some more educated, mingle and get into bad habits, some students bring to the scholarship articles from their homes and others not having them start to steal each other, taking patterns , which was later dragged to society.

The government creates short courses of teacher training, these are formed with some degree of elementary education, these teachers are not respected, or respect to students. It brings with it the education system a breakdown of the education they will teach.

The lack of faith, spirituality, religions, brings quarrels, Elodie in families, neighbors and people, against other countries, especially the United States to which the rulers call the imperialism and without any evidence or sign of true aggression by the U.S., you start to hate instilled by hysteria and lack of information the Cuban people, a country that is only 90 miles away.

The hatred is contrary to love. Where the same germinate seeds, bring anyone to believe in anyone, everyone fear of all, fear is planted and also as opposed to love.

The generations continue to immigrate, thus fostering family hatred, family separation, and Divisions. Mobs hitting, screaming and shouting against other brothers of the same people that are being disregarded. It abusers.

Under these conditions, the generations are formed and born in Cuba, children grow up and grow up watching these skills, but will not or can not go still living in Cuba are subjected to a lack of total freedom, and adopting double standards, a face for the regime and another within the household.

Malnutrition, poor nutrition, are dominant from the start of the revolution, there has been a rationalization book. This sets in poor health for almost all people who are not in the top leadership. The hunger prevails. Theft grows. The people steal out of necessity but also sold those same needs. Resurgence of prostitution in adolescents and youth. The short of everything, because they bring that sex is a cheap way out, to get what queno They may have a decent way.

The Cuban has become what never was, in spite of previous dictatorships and past governments. So Cuba was denigrated. It hurts to speak, see or feel it, but the dictatorial regime ended with the morals of a people, just with education.

And while young people study and become doctors or engineers, have a lack of general culture Porla misinformation. Often vulgar language, despite having gone to university. They are rude behavior, but not overall, but some young people by their language left much to be desired. That was due to walk through the field schools, shelters, low household education, family, academics and sometimes do not know how to eat at a table, or make a gesture of chivalry with the ladies or the elderly.

Not to mention that almost the entire town and its people consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages, and many young alcoholics. That is not taught in schools. There are many homes that are deformed. Work of the Cuban revolution that slandering the people of Cuba. This I write in this article is giving us grief, but it remains a truth and irony of the fate of a people, of an Island

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