Those who were born in Cuba carry a stigma on his back. The pain of seeing her suffer for 50 years, 10 decades that has impacted several generations, both within and outside of it we have seen descend into total destruction, physically, spiritually and morally.

No doubt Cuba is the country with over lack of freedom and human rights worldwide. This destroyed as if a large-scale war had invaded their towns and villages .. Its residents malnourished walk the streets of despair.

How is it possible that in the eyes of some countries there are men capable of fostering a closer friendship or a benefactor, with whom they are responsible for so much abuse and destruction?

Cuba mourns, its people both inside and outside crying, groaning streets, shouting, and the houses are overwhelmed by so much injustice.

To make matters worse you can not have access to information, beaches, hotels, the Diplomercado, except those with foreign currency and receive.

There is discrimination of all kinds.

If I refer to the Spanish, it is painful to step on that land, to profit from our youth looking for cheap sex, paid for gaps and needs, not government officials interested in Spanish for the many Cubans who today are thinking differently in the prisons tortured and abused without conditions.

Thousands of Cubans are in jail for stealing, by necessity, by hunger of their children, not because they are thieves conventional steals all the people, no one cast the first stone, because there is no other way to survive.

Given these facts the phonies who rule the country not just go somewhere else with your money. No pity for a people tainted. Really have NO shame, nor those who shake hands with these dictators, because their hands are stained with blood.

Cuba will be free, but not only the rulers who subjected her to pay with the laws of the universe, but even those who help keep this diabolical system of terror and pain, they will pay for their miserable skills and ruthless pleasure of helping a fascist regime and obsolete.

Today we are tired of seeing the audacity of this terrorist faction. Terrorists with its inhabitants, because they hit and run over to civilians, the people, their own people. One must be very bad, very harmful to have guts, be real monsters, such as Castro and his people, who stole an island with people inside. Android app