The Antarctic Treaty which already has 50 years of existence, is the first document in which the 12 nations that originally signed him, renounce the use of a valuable resource for the sake of harmony, planning and research.

This element provides the transcendental dimensions treaty, becoming the beginning of a paradigm of relations between States not only consider the national interests but also the general interests of humanity.

There is thus inception in 1959 at the joint planetary administration, today, half a century later, it has affirmed and consolidated into an awareness of development, but sustainable, and actions to prevent environmental degradation of the planet.

From another perspective, the Antarctic Treaty shows a visionary and generous way of resolving problems before they arise, and to dye of emotionality, showing that coexistence is possible not only agreed, but if if done before problems arise, they can obtain optimal solutions.

Unfortunately, the momentous events are rarely worth the time came, however, in this case we still have time to give the significance of what was done half a century ago for the preservation of Antarctica.

If the Antarctic Treaty had not been signed, possibly the "frozen continent" would not be able to maintain the reserve still has ice and eventually may be the last barrier of defense against a sustained rise in global temperature.

It was work, hard and quiet of a group of men concerned about the future of mankind, which enabled this historic act of understanding between different nations.

Certainly this is an example of policy that rescues the most worthy of it, which reinforces the values of dialogue and cooperation for resolving disputes between nations and ultimately is a lesson of humanity, civility, vision and intelligence exceptional in human history.

Moreover, the Treaty is also a legal challenge, and yet has not received significant challenges over the fifty years of its existence, surprising situation, particularly considering that we now have certainty that under the ice of Antarctica, a large mineral and oil reserves, which could well have destroyed the balance of the southern continent, if the race had been unleashed by the occupation and exploitation of these resources.

All this makes it difficult to doubt that the Antarctic Treaty is the happy inico a new way of thinking about the stewardship of the planet and its resources.

We thank the visionaries who made this possible full measure of human value, which has opened the doors of a different way of living and caring for the environment by members of the global community. Android app