Pullangayi Unde is a sweet often prepared during festive season. Unde in Kannada means balls. The procedure to make Pullangayi Unde is as mentioned below.

1. Jaggery (500 grams).
2. Roasted wheat (250 grams).
3. Roasted rice (50 grams).
4. Dry coconut chopped into small slices (50 grams).
5. Ground-nut/pea-nut seeds whose peel is removed and split it into 2 pieces(100 grams).
6. Fried gram(100 grams).
7. Water.


1. Take a deep-fry pan. Add crushed jaggery with half a glass of water.
2. Heat the pan with constant strring until entire jaggery becomes a sloution. The consistency of jaggery syrup should be in such a way that the strrier should be easily movable when you lift it up, it shoul not fall as lump nor too fast slippery(unde-paka).
3. Mix all the flours(rice and wjeat) along with all other ingedients(chopped cocunut, pea-nut and roasted fried gram).
4. Transfer the flour mixture with a constant stirring to the jaggery solution. Care should be taken in order to prevent lump of flour and un-even jaggery syrup. Make sure you carry out it in low flame.
5. Transfer the contents into a plate. Before it cools down to room temperature, make it into small balls approx. size of a tabble-tennis ball.
6. After cooling to room temperature, serve the balls.

Most delicious Pullangayi-Unde is ready for savouring and to tickle your taste buds.

Caution: If consistency of jaggey syrup and proportion of rice flour is not proper, the balls become too hard. You may require a hammer to break it :P.

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