They were all there, as befits the great shots. Manufacturers and operators of the hand and united under the umbrella of Microsoft, which until now had been largely absent in the burgeoning world of smartphones. Two days after his coming-out in the United States last Wednesday.

Nine months have passed since the announcement of the new and (once again) revolutionary mobile operating system from Microsoft. But since Wednesday, WP7 is here. And he has come up with every intention of staying.

And make no mistake. Although at first glance may seem to other terminals over imitation iPhone from Apple, the similarities end there, in outward appearance. Simply turn one to notice. On the screen, touch, of course, there are no icons that give way to concrete applications, but hubs, have small windows active at a glance, which whole groups of applications are doing for us at that moment.

There is a hub for contacts, one for music and video, one for games, another to access the applications market, one more to access Mobile Office 2010 ... Each active window run automatically, several tasks that run unattended, mixing multiple applications time and without the user having to do anything. For example, contacts have, at a glance, all options, from sending an email to phone, sharing content or using social networks.

Music & Video

Microsoft has taken advantage of, well, Windows Phone 7 platform to introduce its music and video download Zune (which has eight million songs), or a shortcut through the hub of games, to its successful Xbox Live platform, the itself and with the same activities, games and contacts that the users of the popular video game of the Redmond firm.

Attending the presentation were representatives of Movistar and Vodafone, but not Orange, and the staff of Microsoft in Spain, executives of LG, whose terminal was officially WP7, or Qualcomm, the company that makes the microchip of a Ghz they need these phones to run smoothly. As for terminals, marks the first arriving in our market are cited as LG, with its Optimus 7, Taiwan's HTC, which will place in Spain for three different devices: the HD7 and Trophy, one with and one with Movistar Vodafone , and a third with Orange, Mozart, and South Korea's Samsung, which focuses on the Omnia7. Later, other brands will also be incorporated, according to Microsoft.

The first to arrive will be the HTC and LG 7 Trophy Optimus 7, which will begin trading on October 21 with Vodafone. A few days later, Movistar will bring their version of the LG Mobile HTC and Samsung Omnia7 HD7. This is high-end devices and capable of the greatest benefits may, however, purchased at very reasonable prices (even from 0 euros) by engaging some of the different operators' tariffs.

Finally, note that each manufacturer has tried to make their terminals take full advantage of the capabilities of the new OS. In the case of LG will be possible thanks to an application called Play To, reproduce any content (image, audio, video) that are on the phone in any other digital device (TV, computer ...) connecting to them via wireless and selecting them a menu. To do this, devices must be equipped with DLNA technology, which allows just sharing content between each other wirelessly. Android app