When a class society becomes a mass society, the individual loses the sense of the situation. In this situation any hint of change becomes a source of personal insecurity. Against this background the individual merely locked in a proper environment in which most information you receive is given through the mass media, even making statements of isolation.

This situation is where the socio-cultural when looking for building areas of interpersonal encounters and exchanges of experiences and tasks that help conjugate the anonymous individual to take shape as a subject to take various situations without being immersed in them. The mobilization is to have clear interests and causes that prevent these. So the real utility of the ASC (socio-cultural) is to convey that concern to the masses, is to show how the cultural capital that can create such interest and give you the confidence that they can not only enter the fray for achieving those goals, but getting others to join this struggle in the way they have joined. This is one of the key points of the ASC the sense of continuity not linked to specific individuals but to the succession of individuals at different times for the same cause since the same approach.

The purpose of sociocultural animation is to improve communication with the rest of the individual, through integration within a group. Its objective is that individuals become aware of their problems and needs, as well as their environment, so that through communication with others can act to solve them.

What to get the sociocultural animation is that each person is able to:

- Educate yourself in order to have a vision and awareness of their social, cultural and political.

- To position yourself to capture needs to be a person, understand the reality in which it is, take a critical attitude to it and take responsibility for their own destiny.

- Mobilizing, or put in a state that can be expressed, thus discovering and understanding what their real interests and what are the causes for failure to perform them.

- Organize, to defend their goals and manage activities on the basis of the realization of a personal and collective human and social development.

- Access to culture, acquiring a lifestyle that is the reconquest of everyday life as an area of personal accomplishment.

- Actively participate as an agent of transformation and protagonist of the story, seeking solutions and creating vital new social relations that are foreshadowing of a new society. (Ander Egg).

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