It's official. For several months had been watching Tiger Woods threatening their number one, something that will come true in the Nov. 1, after 281 weeks in a row and 623 in total, the No. 1-ranked.

The American star will not lift his head and he does since he uncovered his infidelities, which ended in divorce. Tiger woods disappointed

The number one Tiger seemed unbeatable, but his poor performances in recent tournaments and calendar curious have come to dethrone it is by popular acclaim the best golfer of all time.

Westwood is chosen

His successor will be England's Lee Westwood, where he and the U.S. are true to their agendas and to respect the timetable to be scheduled until November. Westwood will be the first European to climb to the top of the rankings since Nick Faldo did back in 1994. Much has happened since then. Android app