Is the number one, just completed the Grand Slam titles and has won more games than anyone but Nadal is the player who most charges. Federer continues to hold the riches of the sponsors, well above its great rival on the track.

The world of sport and advertising tend to go together, especially in terms of individual sports are concerned. This is usually the best in each sport's top earners, although this happens less and leads to a debate. Should be the best in its category the most money copper? Roger federer and Rafael Nadal

In the world of tennis this association is not met. If we look at the ATP ranking Rafael Nadal is number one and with a huge advantage, but yields in the top of the classification of earnings to his friend Roger Federer . It is true that the best years of his career, Rafa has seen his efforts rewarded with large sums of money but with a difference with Federer inversely proportional to the points that separate the two.

The year that Spanish has completed the Grand Slam, which has added more than any other tennis tournament (7 with the tournament in Tokyo) and accumulating the most wins of the season (66 with the final harvested Japan tournament to Monfils) can doubt that the sponsors did not soar to number one in terms of contracts is concerned.

This remains the preserve of one Roger Federer who is completing a year less bright than other seasons, and where Australia has only triumphed in Cincinnati and losing the number one tennis player at the expense of the Balearic Islands.

In fact Federer will have won about 25 million euros for the 11 of Nadal. Federer is still the main reference of brands such as Nike, Credit Suisse, Mercedes or Rolex while the Spaniard must comply with other children as Banesto, Kia or Maprfre among others.

Experts speak

According Badenhausen, an accomplished specialist and manufacturer of some of the Forbes list, the triumph of Nadal at Flushing Meadow in September to increase its profile among corporate sponsors and expand your earning potential beyond the tennis industry.

"Nadal will be hard pressed to beat Federer on revenue off the field, but I can see that their earnings will rise to about 20 or 25 million dollars over the next two years," said Badenhausen. Martin told Reuters that the economic potential of Nadal was in his sporting achievements, character, physical attractiveness, the hunger to keep winning, humility, respect for opponents and the proximity to the fans. " Android app