Have you ever wondered how football came into existence?
Well, here is its answer.
Football started way back in the year 250 B.C. During those time, whenever a witch died, they used to kick their skull to next village and leave it at the outskirts of the village thinking that the evil would not harm their village any more.
Seeing this, ths led to a severe chae villagers of the adjacent village would kick them back to avoid misery and thios, turmoil and bloodshed too. In realising that it was more fun than quarrelling, people replaced skull with animal bladders. As bladders did not last long, they covered it with animal skin and started playing in such a way that it was almost banned during the First World War as people stopped practising other games and started football like hysteric breaking all window panes, road side malls. It gained popularity in such a way that the priests complained kings to abandon football as youths stopped attending churches playing non-stop football on Sundays. This was reason for origin of football which even today has a huge fan craze and popularity across the world.

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