Introduction to Game of Chess

Game of chess with the chess pieces in its original position next to a regulatory watch.Chess is played between two players, each has 16 chess pieces or parts, being those of a colored player, called White, and his opponent's dark, black calls. The pieces move on a chessboard square 8 × 8 = 64 squares, with the same colors as the pieces placed alternately, 32 light and 32 dark 32, also called squares . The pieces of each player at the start of the game are:
A King
A lady , commonly called queen
Two bishops
Two horses
Two rooks
Eight pawns

Each type of piece can move in a different way, which will determine its power and its importance in the development of the game.

Pieces of colored glass. Digital recreation.Chess is a game of chance but a rational game as each player will decide the movement of parts per shift. The gameplay is so complex that even the best players (or the most powerful computers in existence) may consider all possible combinations: although the game can only be developed on a board with only 64 squares and 32 chess pieces in the beginning, number of different items that can be played exceeds the number of atoms in the universe (see Shannon number ).

Start playing who wears the white, which gives a small advantage , but essential at the higher levels of competition, so this position is often circumvented. Since then both players take turns moving any of its parts. Each player will try to gain some advantage in board position, and capturing opposing chess pieces (material gain), although the ultimate goal is to attack the king and leave no escape, checkmate .

The victory can also be obtained, if the rival abandoned or run out of time. In official tournaments even if you refuse the hand of her defeated rival or mobile phone rings during the game.

Another possible outcome is a tie, or tables , occurs in any of the following cases:
By common agreement.
When none of them are chess pieces sufficient to cause checkmate.
By excessive repetition of moves or positions.
When a player can not make any movement in its regulatory duty, but the king is in check, stalemate.t Android app