Ranking of players based on their strength

The strength of chess players ranging from those who barely know how to move the pieces and are capable of playing games with essentially no errors and with a depth of stunning ideas. For advanced players, have established a number of classifications that are partly based on whether a player is able to obtain a minimum number of results in some tournaments against players of a predetermined level, and partly, and increasingly common, in strength evaluated according to all the results and summarized in the Elo rating.

This is perhaps the classification of players based on Elo rating more widely accepted:

-From 0 to 1400 points Elo: Beginner. These players have little experience and his game is characterized by displaying numerous errors obvious and easily detectable by a regular player in the game, such as placing parts in boxes where the opponent can capture without any clear openings defective or do not respond to any strategy and coordination.

"Between 1400 and 1800 Elo points: Level Amateur or a regular player. At this level the players already have some knowledge denote the tactics and strategy of chess, but this knowledge has been largely acquired by the experience gained during the game and not a rigorous study of the game, making them easily make mistakes detectable for a professional. In the games between fans still common serious forgetfulness such as forgetting to protect a pawn attack or execution of moves without any purpose.

"Between 1800 and 2200 Elo points: Level Semi or club player. This range encompasses the vast majority of non-professional club players. Players at this level develop a proper chess where it is rare to find serious errors. Even a Grand Master will normally need a lot of plays to mate with a club player but probably will not need many to get a winning position. Club players tend to have read one or several books on chess and are very experienced in all phases of the game, also tend to attend competitions and train and try to improve your game regularly. However, do not understand the positions that occur in the game as deep as a teacher, and neither his tactics or strategy is as successful as that of the latter.

"Between 2200 and 2600 Elo points: Professional or Masters level. These players tend to be officially recognized by FIDE titles that are credited as chess masters in the various categories (FIDE Master, International Master or Grand Master). They engage in a professional chess full time professional or as a complement to another activity. The interplay of these athletes tend to be a perfectionist and the difference between them lies in a greater ability to calculate variations or more in-depth study of the game or an assessment of the exact position ... and other aspects of the game.

"Between 2600 and 2800 Elo points: Elite chess. You have to spend a lifetime and be a little less than a genius to reach this level. For guidance, it suffices to say that Spain is currently only 3 players have made it through the barrier of 2600 points, a figure quite similar to that of other European countries. These players are involved directly or indirectly in the largest and most prestigious chess tournaments and the best of them are vying for the highest title, the world champion.

"From 2800 onwards Elo points: Score usually have the world champion in recent times. At the end of 2010 only 3 players in the world for very little beyond the 2800 Elo points, including reigning champion Viswanathan Anand.

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