The information was provided but the Internet did something wonderful with it: The shared and organized. Thus, among many businesses of imminent success in the network, the area of tourism is one that is more consolidated. Several factors are advantageous ending compliant with customers using the service and what is best, which reused.

The differences

The digital-based companies, such as companies that offer search service hotels are based on several advantages:

  • Absence of an operator of the company: The search is undertaken by the client, using all the time to consider available and without any haste. This will result in decisions to take will be wiser and less influenced by others
  • Information: The large volume of information dealt with in the search engines for hotels can offer a service to the traveler that is unprecedented.
  • Images
  • Descriptions
  • Cards with information about this hotel
  • Location
  • Proximity to strategic points
  • Rates
  • Information availability
  • Travel blog with articles on tourism

However, one of the greatest attractions that tend to have these sites is the indexing of their searches, allowing the client to filter the results based on criteria such as date, number of stars, number of people, closeness, and so on. Operating systems with these search engines are refined from the general to the specific: For example, after a search for hotels by country, is limited to hotels in Paris and then to hotels that are on the banks of the Seine.

According to research evaluation of e-marketing strategies, access to this information translates into greater user clientelización. A user in accordance with the service, as agreed to accurate information beforehand, is more likely to become a customer. Moreover, he always holds booking hotels online, a certain distrust of currency transactions on the web, this plays to users who previously chose a business trip and found it as expected, which, surely, would prefer to continue delegating its decision.

The biggest source of disappointment to buy a hotel service of the mismatch between what is shown on the website and what is experienced in the hotel. This lag or myopia is one of the challenges facing a company who designs digital services with physical products. It's a real challenge to overcome distances, to find methods of validity of information, to achieve a reliable and successful. For this reason, the search services of hotels, work with reputable suppliers and experience in the field.

Another amazing Internet phenomenon that does not escape the tourist theme what is the frequency with which the Spanish-speaking reader is informed and confident in a travel blog to make decisions. Without doubt, a challenge for generating content in this transitory stage where it is unclear yet what the fate of all these digital endeavors.

Some of the advantages that keep them above the conventional ones are:

  • More and more selective. The proliferation of digital content pushed to the deepening and specialization, enabling more specific advertising campaigns
  • More objective because it ignores an operator by the company in case the hotel search item
  • Autonomy, the user of the website is who leads the search according to your criteria
  • Increased interest from the user due to the specificity of digital media
  • Major source, the Internet user is typically more absorbed in making users of other media
  • Convenience and speed, gain time. A condition which meant the starting point of the desirability of a "take off" Digital business profile, yet is an advantage

The automation and depersonalization of tourist services on the web is often an advantage for some and disadvantage others, who relate the absence or low in personal contact with mistrust, hampering client relationship. Remains to be seen from here on out, the bearings which will take the tourist service companies in the vast Internet. Android app