Before dieting, you must determine your ideal weight. This will be your guide on your journey to lose weight. Losing weight fast does not mean you lose 50 kilos in a week, a few kilos may take months for someone to lose the very obese. How fast you lose weight depends on how focused you are on your goal and plan to lose weight.

Here are 10 tips to help you lose weight quickly:

1 - Before dieting, you should know how many calories you normally need on the day. If you are sedentary (do not get much exercise), multiply your weight in kilos by 33. If you are moderately active, multiply your weight in kilos by 37. And if you are very active, multiply your weight in kilos by 44. This will give the average daily intake of calories your body needs.

2 - Remember to eat fruits and vegetables. You need to eat at least 5 times a day these foods - doing this will be on track to have a healthy body and healthy because fruits and vegetables have fiber, vitamins and antioxidants essential to your body. Also, they help fill your stomach quickly so you do not eat too much or consume too many calories.

3 - Monitor the amount of food you eat. Avoid high-calorie foods and eat smaller portions and more frequent. A good advice I give is to chew your food calmly as this makes digestion much easier for your body and also prevents you from eating others.

4 - Do not stop eating their meals. When you want to lose weight it is tempting to stop eating because you think it can make you lose weight, but the truth is that eating small meals often is what will keep your body healthy with a balanced calorie intake throughout the day . Furthermore, the level of sugar in the blood will be negatively affected if you do not eat. If you usually eat 3 meals a day, divide this by 5 or 6 meals throughout the day so keep your stomach with something good.

5 - Fruits and vegetables are ideal - packaged and processed foods are high in sodium and fat content. You are more likely to lose weight if you eat fresh, natural foods.

6 - Do not limit your food intake too. Go ahead and indulge, eat their favorite food. It's okay to eat that piece of cake at a party occasionally. Just be sure to eat moderately and to use such tasty desserts as rewards, instead of enemies, to his experience with weight loss.

7 - Do not always believe what they say food labels. "Low fat" does not necessarily mean low calorie. The same applies to foods that say "low sugar" or "low carb". Take a look at the nutrition facts label - there you will find the truth.

8 - Try to limit consumption of juices and sugary drinks. In lieu of these, take 8 glasses of water a day - this frees your body of toxins and waste.

9 - If possible, keep a record of your consumption of meals. This will help keep you alert to your calorie intake and serve as a reminder about the types of food consumed and can consume.

10 - Do not forget exercise. From 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity a day will ensure a healthy body and help you lose weight greatly (not to mention toning muscles). A workout with weights can also give extra help to burn that unwanted fat from your body. Android app