If you want to lose weight to be healthy, look good for a special event or impress your husband in the upcoming holidays, you need to make changes in your lifestyle. To lose weight you can get 10 kilos in four months, need to lose 2.5 kilos a month or a little over half a kilo per week. Losing half a kilo per week can be done by eliminating 250 calories of healthy food and exercise will burn 250 extra with every day.

Step 1.

Take a leaf or your computer starts to take a log of what you eat, drink and the calories for the next three days. I know it might be a bit tedious but believe me it is really a good practice. On the morning of fourth day, add up all the calories you eat in those three days and divide by 3. This gives you an average caloric intake, or how many calories you consume per day.

Step 2.

Look what you ate in the past three days. Are you eating at least 5 servings of fruits or vegetables? Is there anything in the list that has many calories and surprised you? Attempts to remove these sinful pleasures like pizza, macaroni and cheese and cakes.

Step 3.

Cut what you eat every day at 250 calories and update your blog what you eat. Can you really lose weight 10 kilos only changing the fresh bagel in the morning for a healthy bowl of whole grain cereal and skim milk or removing a high-fat snack in your daily diet.

Step 4.

Burn 250 extra calories each day, exercise (I recommend weight training). Try a good routine (we recommend one down the article) that makes you push yourself, at least three times a week. At build muscle with weights will accelerate your metabolism and burn calories even at rest, muscle equals less fat and more health. You can do cardio but whenever complementary and after your weight routine.

Step 5.

Treat yourself to things, break, but not with food. Many times we celebrate the holidays with food. When you start to take you serious about losing weight you know I recommend gifts that make you feel guilty or be stored as fat. You can try a movie with a friend, give you a massage or spend part of your morning with your favorite coffee and reading a book.

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