"Desperate to burn abdominal fat? Let's keep it simple, the secret begins to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

Then the first thing you need to do now is throw all junk food and the temptations of the kitchen. The last thing we need is the craving for junk food. Remember cravings can destroy everything you've accomplished and add inches to your waistline.

Second, break, is possible to have that flat tummy, but you need to be motivated most of the time not to lose the will to work.

An important recommendation, I am a personal trainer: people need that someone is pushing themselves to demand more, so if you can find a pair of work in the gym will be of great help. The sense of competency will be required two more. In other words will have more chance of success.

Here are the 9 tricks to have a flat stomach:

1. Avoid liquid calories.

Forget the processed juices, soft drinks (sodas) and hydrating beverages. The sugar solution is great for fat stored in your body.

On alcohol, studies have found an association between alcohol consumption and the fat that is stored in your stomach. Then drink moderately and reduces the amount of alcohol consumed.

I wonder, then with what I hydrate? Answer: WATER. It's the best moisturizer while the commercials say it's the Gatorade. For raw juices, decides to squeeze the oranges yourself, coffee ponle sugar substitutes.

2. Watch for fatty foods.

When you're drinking, watching what you get in their mouths. Studies suggest that the combination of alcohol and food can lead to overeating.

3. Forget fast food.

The quality of ingredients is poor, high in calories and bad for your health. Even if you think that's healthy fast food chains they want is your money you're not healthy.

Eating fast food will make you feel terrible and will not help you reduce your belly fat.

4. Eat lots of foods high in fiber, fruits and vegetables.

Each week, fill your refrigerator for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you can not buy fresh, frozen, there are excellent options, such as blackberries, strawberries, cherries.

Add to your diet for foods high in fiber, cereals, cottage cheese, yogurt, brown bread (forget the white bread), rice (forget the white rice).

Vegetables such as fresh mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, green pepper (bell pepper, red pepper).

Start with small changes, get used to and certainly will begin to burn abdominal fat.

5. Seeds.

Eating seeds are not stored as fat if you eat the right amount. Come half an ounce in the morning and half an ounce in the afternoon, the seeds will keep your stomach satisfied and will make you lose weight. If you choose peanuts, which is preferably unsalted peanuts or other things, the simple peanut you find.

6. Fish and chicken breast

Fish has many benefits, it's a different meal, and avoid that your meals will become boring. Fish contains virtually no fat, which is very helpful. Tuna is an excellent option if purchased mainly in water and not oil.

The breast of chicken, will make different meals such as sandwiches. Price * and add chicken or your eggs with a little cheese.

7. Measure your portions.

Gradually starts to decrease carbohydrate portions they serve you unless you do not buy clothes bigger amount in the future.

8. Everything is a process

It is important what you say here: the above advice I gave you are very important, if you notice I said nothing about diets, diet pills, nothing. Everything that I recommended were changes in your lifestyle changes you can start to implement gradually and stay for the rest of your life and make it easier to control your weight. Do not go on the road easier, because you never come to fruition, and I mean all the property that gives me my profession.

9. Exercise.

Search for high-intensity exercise and resistance weight and burn more abdominal fat.

The high-intensity exercise will accelerate your body, your metabolism will cause your body becomes a fat incinerator.

Stay away from ineffective and boring cardio (walking, running) and stick with programs like the one available in Fat Free abdominal fat burning. No matter when you train yourself, just ejercítate at least 3 times a week. Remember that nutrition is key to reducing your belly fat. No matter how efficient your training, your fat will not disappear, and I tell you once to not feel cheated, but I believe in professionalism.

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