If your goal is to have a thin abdomen and middle flat, the first thing you need is to eliminate or layers of fat that are above your abdomen. The most effective way is with a combination of strength exercises (with an extra focus on the middle section), cardiovascular exercise (short but strenuous), and a stable level of sugar (helps you maintain additional fat and makes it easier your body to use fat as fuel, and burns).

Training  focused on Progressive strength 

The main function of the abdominal muscles is the flexibility of your torso forward. However, there are muscles to move the torso to the side and rotate the torso. Probably see people doing hundreds of crunches. If you want to strengthen your stomach exercises need to enter forward, sideways and rotation. The abdominals are muscles like all others, and must be worked 3 times a week. If you want to work progressively harder work it every time. But remember that not only is important to focus on that area, if you work your whole body and muscle bundles, you will accelerate your metabolism and burn fat 24 hours a day. The exercises in the middle should be complementary to your weight training (I recommend below where you can find the best routine available).

2. Cardiovascular exercises for short periods but with great intensity to speed up your metabolism.

Cardio exercises are very important, because facts straight can accelerate your metabolism of 4-24 times. That means you will be less likely to save calories and fat for your high metabolism. Also burn any excess fat in your body. I'll give the intervals at which you can do more cardio to burn fat:

* Heat 2 - 5 minutes gently.

* 30 seconds of hard work (as hard as possible)

* 1 minute of moderate work (for breath)

* Repeat the process 6 to 10 times and then cool down for 2 to 5 minutes so soft.

3. Stable sugar level is key.

The most important thing to thin abdomen, is to stabilize your blood sugar. This is by far the most important factor when we need to remove the excess fat. To achieve this we must feed your body frequently, every 2 to 3 hours. The key is to give your body all you need at that time. Your body burns calories 24 hours a day, then why would you feed it once or twice a day? Give your body the fuel it needs: vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and clean proteins (chicken, fish, eggs).

Many people are hooked on how much fat is in food, or how healthy if the food is going to eat. Calories are calories, regardless of where they come from, if you use more ... it will end up as fat in your body.

It goes without saying that whatever you eat is not important, because it is. Try to choose healthy foods whenever possible.

4. Get professional help.

Unfortunately most people do not know enough about the human body, nutrition or exercise effective in attaining their goals in health and fitness. Ask yourself: Am I happy with my current progress or condition? If you're not, you might consider professional help, and tell you where here, as it is within your reach.

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