There are two common fitness goals: gain muscle mass and lose body fat. Unfortunately, in most cases, these two goals are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Build muscle mass will require that you eat a surplus of calories because, well, let's face it, you can not build muscle out of nothing (unless of course you have some chemical help).

On the other hand, lose body fat will require you to have a negative calorie balance because that is what will make your body burn extra body fat as fuel for its tissues.

Starving yourself to achieve both goals at the same time, rarely going to be a good approach because the most likely to end up turning the case and going nowhere.

Most weight lifters will have to accept some fat gain when they are looking to gain weight, but how much fat you should add is the real issue. This is the variable that we hope to influence.



Can you really gain weight without getting fat?


With regard to adding muscle mass can take two approaches.

Some just take the approach of eating as much food as they can swallow. Suddenly his life becomes a 24-hour buffet in their quest for muscle mass and to think that the more food from their bodies, more muscle synthesis occur.

This thinking is very wrong. The body can only absorb a certain amount of muscle tissue at once and after it did, all remaining calories will just be stored as fat muscle. Plain and simple. And you, my friend, are the exception to the rule.

For those who are eating around five thousand or more calories a day, obviously this will be much more than they need and will result in a considerable amount of fat weight is not desired in the course of three to six months (period of time that people will earn "volume").

The second option is to adopt a more moderate approach and only eat so many additional calories as necessary to support this growth and that's all muscle. This lets you get as much lean muscle tissue as possible without the accumulation of a monstrous amount of body fat.

So that brings us to the next question that probably you are wondering. How much muscle can develop? How many calories you should be keeping over-eating?

You've probably heard of the guy who said that adding 9 kilos of muscle in the short period of six months. While this may be something that happens very rarely in someone who has never done weight lifting, which has an extremely good genetics and utilized an excellent training program and nutrition, the fact is that most people simply will not nowhere near able to add the entire amount of muscle tissue.

A natural trained individual can hope to achieve about a quarter to half a kilo of muscle a week if you're doing everything correctly. If you have the best genetics or is not feeding optimally, this will decrease more. So you see, with one to two kilos of muscle growth insignificant per month, you will not need to eat calories extremely high.

The higher your intake, you'll be more likely to add more body fat. As a general rule, keep it at around 250 to 500 calories above your maintenance value in the hope that what you add is mostly muscle without too much body fat. Keep track of your current fitness level and appearance, if you see that much of your weight gain is from fat mass, reduce your calorie intake slightly.

It is always best to seek real world results because after all you are in the real world. You can read all you want about how many calories you should be eating, but this does not mean that this is the exact number that will produce results. Different people have different metabolisms that will respond to an increase in calories in various ways. Therefore, as you gain volume, is making adjustments in accordance with the results you're getting.

Remember that the more patient you are with your muscle gains and the more slowly you go, you can devote more time to add muscle mass and less time to diet to eliminate the extra fat that you won, which I'm sure many of you know, Not a pleasant experience.

So the next time you decide to start a phase 'to volume', take a slower approach. Not only is it likely that this way you maintain a favorable appearance but also your mind will thank you.

Nothing kills trust faster than seeing all muscle definition as it goes out the window in a matter of weeks, so keep weight gain under control so you do not have to deal with it. Android app