Looking to change the shape of your body or trying to slim the tummy without the need to go to a gym? If so, try this cardiovascular workout that only takes 10 minutes to complete.

This 10-minute routine you can burn about 150 calories.

The first 2 minutes
of this routine, jump rope or jump rope - Start by running 2 jumps for each turn of the rope. For Safety: Use a rope right size for you and always falls gently on the ball of your foot (this is the top of his foot near the toes). Keep in mind the thought: "I'm thinner."

Minutes 2 to 3:
From squat to lizard (push-up). In this exercise should stand relaxed with arms extended downward as we usually walk. Lower your body by a squat until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Then put in the position of lizard (push-up) and then a repeat of lizard. Quickly get up and start again with the squat. Keep repeating: "the fat is disappearing."

Minutes 3 to 4:
Hopping cuica or rope again. This time a single bound per turn of the rope. Keep repeating: "So I lose my belly."

Minutes 4 to 5:
Again, a lizard squat, but this time add the "side plank. After making the squat and the lizard, being in the position of lizard with his body stretched and lifted his arms, turn his body to the left by raising your left arm straight up toward the ceiling and left foot remaining on his foot right. Remains in a cross on the ground with one arm raising his body from the ground and turn your head also towards the ceiling. Keep strong this position for 1 second and return to the position of lizard. Now repeat the same process to the right. Once done with the left and right, back to the original position (standing) to restart with the squat. Keep thinking, "goodbye belly."

Minutes 5 to 6:
Hopping cuica or rope. Like the minutes 3 to 4. Keep thinking "thin tummy".

Minutes 6 to 7:
Again, a lizard squat. But this time when you reach the position of lizard and has run a repeat of lizard, lift your left foot toward the ceiling at a distance of about ½ meter left foot right. Hold the position for 1 second and do the same with the other foot. Then you have run this with both feet, return to the original standing position to begin again with the squat.

Minutes 7 to 8:
Hopping cuica or rope. As with the minutes 3 to 4.

Minutes 8 to 9:
Again, a lizard squat. But this time when you reach the position of lizard and has executed the replay, you must jog in place while the position of lizard. It has to move along the ground, but to pretend that jogging on the spot. Make sure your knees up almost to his chest and run 5 trotted and repeat the process of squatting. Keep saying "thin tummy".

Minutes 9 to 10:
Hopping cuica or rope. As in the first 2 minutes. Finish thinking, "doing this every day I lose my belly guaranteed."

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