When you're trying to lose weight quickly, obviously you need to reduce food intake. We need to eat fewer calories than your body burns each day to lose weight this way.

The problem with diets that reduce food intake in the early stages too. High levels of motivation and ambition lead to weight loss enthusiastic desire to cut your food almost immediately too. Cut the amount of food eaten immediately sounds like the best idea to lose weight quickly, but studies show that rapid weight loss is not necessarily fat, and is what we should eliminate from our body.

If energy was the only requirement is that the body needs to survive, perhaps it would be nice, and a citizen would lean more about us. However, the fact is that our bodies need to supply many nutrients, especially protein. Not only are proteins used for muscle structure are also needed billions of enzymes to create chemical reactions in cells. Some of these enzymes also help burn fat and adipose tissue (fat cells). In fact eating protein is so important that if we do not give enough to the body that reacts to breaking down muscle and create the enzymes needed to sustain the pace of your metabolism. When protein intake is derived from your muscles, not only slows your metabolism, but also energizes your body that can be stored as fat. So if you do not get enough protein, there will be limitations in the short and long term with respect to the amount of fat your body will store.

This does NOT mean at any time that we will need a high protein diet to keep losing weight so fast. What I intend to give you an idea of how important it is that you feed it properly, so balanced and supplying your body with small portions of high protein foods at each meal you make to your day.

Less fat stored is lost when you lose weight rapidly.

Giving me hope to understand the previous sentence. I'll explain: Studies show that when you lose weight quickly, about 65% of the weight lost the first 10 days comes from water and muscle, while only 35% comes from real fat.

The only scientific way to change these percentages when you are consuming less food, is to train or exercise with weights. A program or routine of weights, forces your body to maintain muscles and more servings of fat are used when you are in the process of thinning.

You can learn more about fat-burning workouts with weights on your site LibreDeGrasa.com. Its owner Alfonso Sanchez has extensive experience in the subject to maintain (and even raise) your muscle mass while decreasing fat.

8 tips to lose weight quickly:

* Reduce your calorie intake by 250 - 500kcal per day, replace foods high in calories foods low in calories. Remember 3500kcal = 1 pound (0.5kg)

* Give your body small amounts of foods high in protein. Do it this way at each main meal you make.

* Starts a proven weight training to help you keep your muscles and accelerate your metabolism (I'll give you the perfect recommendation and approved in a moment)

* Gradually increase the level of intensity of your exercise program, forcing your body to keep your muscles while calorie intake is reduced. Do this gradually, never abruptly.

* I recommend doing aerobics, cardiovascular exercises, sometimes a week to keep the fat melting. (Cardiovascular exercise is complementary, is not the main routine. So do it once finished your session weights ever before).

* Drink plenty of water during the day to maintain energy levels.

* Reduce sodium intake, preparing your own meals using fresh and natural products.

* Never consume less 1500kCal per day. Just follow more by exercising more intensely once or once you've reached your goal weight.

Now you may be thinking great, I'll do you recommend Melissa and see what happens. I have given 8 tips that will change not only your body but your life. Now I will give you the most important of all tips.

I think the exercises are most important, but also a perfect nutritional guide you sit so you know exactly how, when and what to eat right? Well, I have the answer to both: know a lot of nutrition and also detail the financial depth to make you lose weight and incinerated so amazing all the fat from your body.

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