Most people already know they do not need expensive exercise machines to burn fat. So what I need to lose weight quickly without leaving home? In this article learn how to lose weight in the privacy of your home quickly and healthy. There are 2 important things you should include in your routine that requires no expensive equipment, and helps you lose weight faster than I imagined.

One of the most important things you need to lose weight at home is strength training. Many women trying to lose weight is kept away from the larger weights for fear of their muscles and look masculine. However, women do not get this image in big muscles by lifting weights because their muscles are not developed as much as men.

Should include exercises using free weights and dumbbells (dumbbells) and bars in their routine. When you use free weights, gives better results because it goes to work multiple muscle groups, both small and large.

Strength training is very important when it comes to rapid weight loss because it will increase your muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism and burn fat. In fact, after ending her routine with weights your metabolism will be at a high pace for about an hour.

This means you burn 25% of extra calories after finishing your workout with weights. Studies have shown that for every kilo of muscle you add to your body, you lose an additional 120 calories each day. The best part is you do not have to leave your home to perform exercises with weights.

For anyone who wants to know what I need to lose weight quickly at home, should include cardiovascular training into your routine too. Weight training is great for creating muscle, but cardio will burn calories during exercise.

You will burn at least 8 calories per minute with weight training, but will burn at least 12 calories per minute with cardiovascular exercises. You should also get involved in activities like swimming, running, cycling and walking.

If you need to lose weight and he wants to do in the privacy of your home, then you combine the two workouts, weight training and cardiovascular. Combining both, you will get significant results in very little time. Android app