Behaviors of a cat

The cat is a very independent nature. Unlike the dog, he walks alone. It is a ritual animal who appreciates good situations recurring (fixed hours for meals, for example). Although territorial, it is a social animal. Many feral cats live in groups.

Social structure

The cat is a territorial animal. This means that preserving his place in life is the main engine of its interactions with other individuals. Where several cats share the same apartment, it is not uncommon to see them choose each his own "way" to get from one place to another and they share their territory.

The cat is not an animal strictly solitary as space and resources available, cats are different spatial and social structures. These range from solitary cats in rural areas with large and dense groups in rural urban. It is shown that these different spatial organizations and different social systems result of pairing in rural areas, the system is polygynous, while in urban areas, it is difficult for dominant males to monopolize several females. Because of their strong cohesion, different groups of cats neighbors tend to become distant and genetically the same research showed a significant deficit in heterozygotes.


Cats communicate with each other mainly by pheromones or body positions.

Glands containing pheromones found in many parts of the body: anal glands around the tail and the mouth, cheeks, and between the pads are also deposited in the saliva, the feces and the urine. They have the advantage of lasting in time, even without the cat, unlike vocalizations or body positions. They can be submitted on a voluntary basis (marking territory, social contacts as allotoilettage ...) or unintentionally (stress, attachment of mother to her kittens, sex pheromones) The cat also uses a wide range of body positions to communicate. The general position of the body, his facial expressions or movements of its tail, its eyes and ears indicate the state is the cat Apart from the relationship between a cat and her kittens, meow is rarely used when cats communicate with each other. By cons, in contact with humans, it often continues to use different vocalizations to communicate Android app