When a year starting every person should have on their agenda, not planning, but if a small list of wishes and goals to implement in the short term.

For decades I have carried out this system, which works even for the elderly, the sick, for all people and the result is incredible.

In these first days of January: first you have to think. Knowing that we could not do in the previous year. Few things we like to happen in our lives. If you have a talent and have not done anything with the gift God has given you. All that we have thought and not executed, it is time to put it into action.

We'll have to hand a pencil, a sheet of paper or a notebook. Top will. Wishlist for this year. Or we Goals that desire fulfilled. And once the title, we begin to put numbers our desires and goals. Whatever. Just ask earn some money, what you really want or want and this list of about 15 goals or desires, you will read every day in the morning and before bed.

One thing is very important, as stated Conny Mendez, a precursor of metaphysics and I learned this gift, you can not ask for trying to be very humble, a little house, a bit of such a thing, no! Calls on the size and quantity you want and never mind that already managed the universe.

Gradually as you're going to give you the desires of crossing out and replacing them with new ones that were not on the list.

Try not to tell what you do or your goals to others, energy is good and some not for many people and this can cause interference with your requests, but many relatives and significant others may have the best wishes for you if you do not discuss it best.

Things that look ask they do not affect third parties because you can not give, one can not interfere with the free will of anyone, absolutely anyone asks what does not affect anyone who will provide you with divine abundance.

And at the end of the year, you'll see as you have been given things, as you have completed goals, is a wonderful thing, especially when you start a full cycle of illusions.

I remember two things that were requested by health, and these two operations were carried out.

But do not forget to thank God our Creator of the universe every time you're in something, for the Father to give you deals that list what you know is good for you. It is important to be grateful.

I hope this article is to your liking and to help you get inside you those desires that you want to see realized.

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