Once again, Bowser breaks the peace that reigns over the Mushroom Kingdom.  Star In Havre, home of the stars, he steals the Star Rod, which can fulfill all wishes.  Thus, it can kidnap Princess Peach without fear of Mario, in a spectacular way: he takes with him the castle of the princess in the stratosphere.

Mario will have to team up with various characters to release the seven spirits Stars, imprisoned by Bowser, and get the power to confront his eternal enemy.  These are characters that can accompany:
Goombario, a young Goomba , admirer of the famous plumber.  He lives in Goomba Village with his family.  It can give you information on places, objects and characters.
Kooper, a Koopa who wants to become an archaeologist.  It can reach a remote object.
Bombinette or Bombette, a Bob-omb who was imprisoned in the fortress of Koopa Brothers.  It can blow up the cracked walls and some rocks.
Parakarry, a factor Paratroops .  It can fly a short distance Mario.
Boo and Bow, a Boo Boo seeking release that Tubba Blubb has eaten.  It can make you invisible.
Watt, a young light trapped in a lamp.  It can illuminate the dark and reveal invisible blocks.
Sushi, a Cheep-Cheep responsible for tracing all Miniyoshi .  She can swim Mario on or under water.
Lakilester, a Lakitu with his cloud following Mario to impress his girlfriend.  It can take Mario on his cloud to fly an area of ??lava or spikes.


Paper Mario was developed by Intelligent Systems.  The directors were Toshitaka Muramatsu, Takahiro Ohgi, and Hironobu Suzuki.  Kumiko Takeda and Kaori Aoki wrote the script and Naohiko Aoyama of the game was the artistic director in charge of the particular graphic style of the game .  The game was originally called Super Mario RPG 2, and was revealed at Nintendo Space World 97, an exhibition held video game by Nintendo.  Critics have compared the 2D style of the characters in the game PaRappa the Rapper. Shigeru Miyamoto , one of the producers said that the game had begun to be developed on the idea of gaming enthusiasts .  He had already announced at the E3 about twenty developers were actively involved in the project. Paper Mario came out on Virtual Console in 2007, the game has also been reissued on the iQue Player.  The Paper Mario soundtrack was composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko.

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