I mean that according to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular web with Google, has 300 million subscribers and is growing rapidly, 45 million Facebook updates are each day. 

What does this mean for you as an Internet Marketer? ... It's a goldmine. More yet to stand out from other people using Facebook as a marketing medium for their endeavors, you have to take into account the following basic strategies and tools that Facebook gives you to successfully generate leads.

Remember that Facebook is a social network to meet people, not to launch your business proposal at the first opportunity.


"A picture is worth a thousand words, be sure to add a photo of your face.
-Fill it from your past information such as what school you went, your interests and make it public so people can find you comes to the search view.
-Put all the websites you have, blog, landing page, your Twitter page and rus friends will know more about you.





After creating your profile, do not wait for things to happen, continues looking for new people interested in your niche market, you have to do the search box in the upper right, search for your niche market, if these MLM type in an MLM business, internet business or type, etc. 

Invites you to find people who are your friends, but the invitation should be cordial and without making ningu offer business, remember that social networks are for making friends, do not spam.

Once you have accepted as friends, give them a welcome message thanking you for a friend who, either through writing on your wall, or better still sending a welcome video you put on your wall, this will cause great impact and you will see friends, your new friend.






Once you've added some new friends and see what they wrote on her wall, she begins to interact with them, be nice and intelligent comment when, as his comment in an update of your friend, this comment appears in the walls of their friends, making a viral effect.

This will make you see other people and probably directed to your profile to see who you are, you can place links, valuable content and videos on your wall.

The key is to interact with your Facebook friends as much as possible.

It also creates an album with your photos, your family, people will love to know more about you through photos or videos. If you have attended any event networkmarketing for example, and you have taken photos with the leaders, place it in your album and watch your web traffic will increase.

The option to create videos on Facebook is my favorite, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine a video of you now, how much worth?, Facebook allows you to instantly record a video's mention above yours as you can introduce yourself to your new friends with a simple video.

I hope these simple strategies will help you generate more interested in what you do in business on the internet, you finally remember that Facebook is a social network for friends, and they are not interested, at least for now, knowing your wonderful business proposition, that go with creating relationships that may be given.

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