Hey guys, ok well, I'm now in my 5th day of methadone detox. The 3rd day I was still feeling lethargic & my bones were hurting a lot. That seems to be the thing that bothers me the most is my bones hurting, especially at night. They were hurting so bad, that by 2 am after some aspirin, I did take 2 Lortab 10's to help me sleep, & did get about 6 hrs of sleep the 3rd night, which was a relief.

I called my counselor & she advised me not to take Lortab, but if Anything, to take a tiny bit of morphine, because it more natural then Lortab.

So the 4th day I started getting a little more anxiety & started feeling more depressed, I could really start feeling the detox process beginning, the leg & arm pains, are getting to be VERY annoying. At night I cant sleep, even though I'm very tired & want to sleep, I cant because my arms and legs hurt so bad. I did end up taking 1 more lortab around 4am to help me sleep.

I'm really trying to stay strong but everyday my strength weakens and so does my will, I don't want to take the Lortab, but I feel very miserable not being able to sleep at night. Today is day 5 and I'm still taking my Clonodine & Klonapin & smoking some weed, so that helps in the day, but i can feel it everyday getting worse. It's the nights that I cant handle so i will have to figure out something about how to sleep.

If anyone has any comments about it, please feel free to add them. I will Keep you updated as much as I can

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