Today I shall be writing on this topic related to how to remove watermarks from vinkle video editor app videos. We get a lot of queries that the watermark is annoying and there is no way to remove that without paying for premium account. Luckily there are tools available in the internet just to acheive this objective.

What is Vinkle?

As you know, Vinkle is a video editor app which lets you edit your videos, add photos, create music effects and transitions. Due to a huge repository of templates and effects, Vinkle has occupied a premier position in the video editor market. It was released by Big Head Brothers and is highly downloaded in many coountries. Just upload your raw videos, add the required edits and you are good to go. You can influence your social community with hilarious and wonderful videos.

Vinkle without watermark:

Now we will see how to remove watermark from your Vinkle videos and make your edits truly without watermark. A user has released a nice video tutorial on YouTube which explains how to achieve this objective. Just follow these steps:

  • First you will have to download an app called App cute cut pro APK. This is available in this link. Download the latest version and wait till download finishes.
  • Install the application in your device. Once finished, click on open.
  • Inside the app click on the "+" icon in top left in order to add a video
  • Once your video is loaded into the app, you need to change the orientation to "Portrait"
  • Click on the video clip and crop the video to resize so that the watermark becomes invisible
  • Then click on the export button on the top right
  • You will have to wait for some time until the app regenerates your video by removing the watermark
  • Finally, it will indicate to you that the video has been saved to the gallery.
  • You can go to the gallery and find the Vinkle video which will be without watermark.
  • Don't forget to thank us if this helped you to solve the problem.

You can follow this video. As I said, this is a video tutorial by an independent user and we are no way affiliated with them.

How to remove VInkle watermark video:

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